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Safe Lace Industrial is a  Melbourne based company making changes in the PPE industry with a strong focus on Safety and Injury Prevention and we are determined to make workplace accidents from untied laces a thing of the past on every single worksite across the country. Safety work boots with shoelaces are a hazard if the laces untie…which we all know they do so, Safe Lace Industrial has been designed to eliminate this issue for every worker with one simple PPE product that will make your safety work boots safer than ever.

We have all experienced the inconvenience of having to continually stop and retie our shoe/boot laces but do you realise the danger that this can cause as well? It is a HUGE safety risk and with Occupational Health and Safety along with Work Safe being such a high priority and key interest on site through the Industrial, Construction and Mining sectors, this is a risk that can now be eliminated with one innovative safety product. Safe Lace Industrial is a MUST HAVE addition to your safety boots and your companies PPE gear list!

Imaging tripping over untied laces while carrying something or operating machinery, working on a scaffold or down a mineshaft…you could not only injure yourself but you could injure others in your path! Work cover and insurance premiums are rising, employees having to take time off work due to injury, worksite production down, huge liability payments and the list goes on! This is a risk that Safe Lace Industrial will eliminate once and for all. Safe Lace Industrial will lock the work boot shoelaces in place and STOP them from coming undone until you decide to untie them. Bringing in a new standard in safety.

You can simply and easily eliminate one risk from your worksite immediately with Safe Lace Industrial making sure safety work boot shoelaces will never come undone again. Safe and effective…….every time! SAFE LACE Industrial has been stringently tested on work boots of all styles and all lace types throughout factory work, construction, building, mining, various construction work sites and more, all testing brought back the same results…..Safe Lace Industrial keeps the laces locked and the workers safe from injury.

Made from durable silicone that is tough enough to withstand the industrial environment and get the job done but light enough so you won’t even know it’s there! Safe Lace Industrial is extremely versatile and there is a colour range to suit all boots and work site requirements.

Prevention of Risk is the Key to Safety!

SAFE LACE will allow you to never again have to worry about your laces coming loose or undone.

In every industry, safety is of the utmost importance to us all….Safe Lace Industrial is here to help you make sure that the risk of untied laces and accident is gone for good……it’s now a PPE must have!

Can you afford to risk it?

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