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There is nothing more important than SAFETY on your work site

Prevention Of Risk Is The Key To Safety!!

You wouldn’t walk on your worksite without your Hi-Vis Vest or your Hard Hat and PPE to keep you safe…so why would you risk untied laces on your safety boots?  One small slip or trip can be disastrous! Don’t Risk It – Lock Your Laces In Place With Safe Lace Industrial.

Safe Lace For School
Safe Lace For Sport
Safe Lace For Work

Imaging safety boot shoelaces that will never come undone!! Safe and Effective…….every day ensuring your safety at work! SAFE LACE Industrial has been stringently tested on work boots of all styles and all lace types throughout factory work, construction and labor, mining, building, military and more, all testing brought back the same results…..Safe Lace Industrial keeps the laces locked and the workers safe from tripping over untied laces!! Make your safety boots actually SAFE!


 Keep your workers Safe – Why Take The Risk?? Prevention of Risk Is the Key to Safety!


I have been wearing Safe Lace on all different job sites, and it has been the first time since becoming a convert to lace up boots I have only had to tie a single knot and have it not coming undone for the whole day! Thumbs up to the convenience and the now hassle free laces thanks to Safe Lace Industrial. Oliver DuRieu – Electrician Adelaide

Hey Safe Lace! After wearing Safe Lace every day on site, I have not had to re-tie my laces once!
Now when one of the other trades laces come loose I stomp my foot in front of them and tell them to get some of these SAFE LACE Industrial!! – Zach Perovich



Place an order of 3 or more Safe Lace and you will receive Free Delivery no matter where you live!

Sick of having to stop and retie your laces?? Worried about tripping up on your untied laces?? Worksites and untied laces = DANGER! No matter what your industry, work, sport or play, WORRY NO MORE!  Safe Lace  has fixed this problem for everyone… for good!

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